Tales of Stephen Lunsford

My Dear Tumblrians, It has been a wild roller coaster of fun, fiction and heart ache. However, I must now focus on giving you that fiction we love so much. I have responsibility to entertain and that is what I will do. That is my promise. This personal account of Stephen Lunsford has since been abandoned until a time when it is necessary once more. Yours truly. Lunsford.
Awful movie but a 2 story collage? Brilliant. #arclight

Awful movie but a 2 story collage? Brilliant. #arclight

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    Whaaaat nNOOOOOO I heard this was good and someone said man of steel was bad i’m getting such conflicting opinions
  3. kripkeskumquat said: Since you’re saying awful, how bad was it? I didn’t want to see it since Pitt just paid millions for the title and threw the book away completely which was reason enough for me to not like it.
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