Tales of Stephen Lunsford

My Dear Tumblrians, It has been a wild roller coaster of fun, fiction and heart ache. However, I must now focus on giving you that fiction we love so much. I have responsibility to entertain and that is what I will do. That is my promise. This personal account of Stephen Lunsford has since been abandoned until a time when it is necessary once more. Yours truly. Lunsford.

homoeroticismforthewin asked: You post a lot of pretty people. Like, a LOT. So I'm just curious (and don't worry, I'll lust after you entirely in vain regardless), on a scale of Straight to Teen Wolf, what's your sexual orientation?

Honestly, while I’m straight, I appreciate all humans and how gorgeous they can be. I’m not one of those guys that’s like, “Pfftttt, I’m not going to admit that dude’s pretty because people will think I’m gay!”

Rather, I appreciate beauty and “pretty” people no matter what gender. 

Typical conversation with me:

GIRL: My god, I want to have Ryan Gosling’s babies.

ME: Who wouldn’t, he’s a fucking fox.

I’m not narrow minded when it comes to viewing people and their beauty, both externally and internally. I enjoy everyone and I encourage everyone else to do the same.